So you want to have a destination wedding and the destination for you is Cyprus! But what venues cater for your perfect small intimate wedding abroad?

Whether you’re looking for a small intimate wedding, maybe just the 2 of you or a very small group, Cyprus has plenty of venues that will suit you perfectly. Although most of our venues cater for all types of weddings we think there are a few things to take into consideration when choosing your venue, luckily our wedding specialists have you covered, and we’ve come up with a list, and better yet, our “Small Intimate Weddings Abroad Recommendations”!

We think the main things to consider when having an intimate wedding are:

If you’re having an intimate wedding you want it to feel intimate, so selecting a venue that works well for smaller numbers is key, in actuality, the majority of our venues cater for small intimate weddings, so if you have your eye on a particular venue it’s no problem, chances are they facilitate the more intimate wedding.

Value For Money
All venues come at a cost, so although you can have your wedding at pretty much any of our venues there are some that are better set up for smaller budgets than others, on the flip side we tend to find that the more intimate weddings have more budget for their venue choice since they aren’t subsidising large numbers so actually most just pick the venue they like the best!

Other Considerations
There are clearly other important factors such as accessibility, availability dates, etc. so please contact us for more specific requirements, we’re here to help. Our team are professional and trained to the highest calibre, with years of experience under our wedding specialist belts, probably more than we’d like to admit, but more importantly, we just want you to have the best wedding, the right wedding for you! For that reason, there’s never any obligation, just good advice and our best wishes for your magical day!

And now without further ado, which venues do we recommend, based on the above key points?

Weddings In Paphos Intimate Wedding Venue Recommendations


Lemba Vrisi

Paphos Town Hall

Remember, these are our recommendation based on a very select number of considerations and if we had to pick 2 venues, but all of our venues are amazing and all have their own unique qualities so please get in touch and ask our wedding specialists all of your questions, it’s the only way you’ll find your perfect venue, also the venues themselves changes their services frequently so contact us today and let’s see which is the perfect venue for you!