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Do you meet us when we arrive?

Yes we will make an appointment to visit once you are in resort to finalize the plans for your special day.

Is our wedding legal in the UK?

Rest assured that your Cyprus wedding is completely legal and recognised by UK law. However, due to Brexit you will be required to register your marriage at your local registrar in the UK.

Is the ceremony Greek?

No. Everything is in English including the paperwork and ceremony. You will be asked to sign 3 copies of your marriage certificate (bride signs in old name) of which you will be given one copy at the ceremony. You do not have to get it translated when you arrive home unlike most countries.

How long do we have to be in Cyprus before we can marry?

A minimum of 3 working days.

Can we have candles?

Yes we can provide candles and flowers floating in bowls of water. We can also have candles but they must be in glass holders covering the flame.

Can we as family and friends book extras for the Bride & Groom?

Yes you can email us or phone us to book and pay. Just advise us you do not want the couple to know as it is a wedding present. We love secrets.

What are GERBS?

Gerbs are stage fireworks. You would have them at the end of the night on either side of the red carpet for you both to walk through. Again a great idea if you do not tell your guests. A big WOW to the end of the night.

Please note these are allowed dependent on venue.

If we get married abroad, will many guests attend?

We found most couples surprised and delighted by amount of family and friends willing to travel to wedding abroad.

Will there be fresh flowers available in high season?

Cyprus offers a wide range of beautiful fresh flowers all year round.

How many guests may we have?

The majority of civil wedding venues can hold 150 guests, although we do do have intimate civil ceremony venues that hold 2-10 guests.

What Paperwork do I need to get married in Cyprus

British Citizens:

  • Passport
  • An Affidavit each (dated within 3 months of your wedding date)
  • Full length birth certificates
  • Copy of 2 witnesses Passport over 18 years old

If applicable;

  • Decree Absolute
  • Deed of name change
  • Adoption Certificate
  • Death Certificates
  • These must be the original documents and all must be apostille stamped

Other citizens please enquire, dependant on your embassy.

All legal paperwork to be apostille stamped (excluding passports).

What paperwork do I need for a Renewal of Vows
  • Passport
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Copy of 2 witnesses Passport over 18 years old
Does someone come with us to the Town Hall to submit our paperwork and obtain our marriage licence

If you have a Wedding Specialist included in your package then they will collect you from you accommodation and take you to the Town Hall for your appointment until it is completed and then return you back to your accommodation

Do our witnesses need to come to the Town Hall with us

No they do not need to be at your Town Hall appointment or in the country. They only need to be present at your ceremony to witness your marriage and sign your marriage certificate

What happens at the Town Hall

Your paperwork is submitted and your marriage licence is issued, this is not your marriage certificate.

How can we pay when we are at Town Hall appointment for our marriage licence and extra copies of our marriage certificate if this is not included in our wedding package
  • Cash – Euros
  • Credit card Or debit card
How much is it to get an extra copy of our marriage certificate

Extra copies of your marriage certificate are charged at €15 each payable to the Town Hall.

We do recommend since Brexit that you order and extra 2 original copies as apostille stamps will need to be purchased, otherwise loss of a marriage certificate can incur high fees and time consuming.

Do Weddings In Paphos arrange for our marriage certificate to be apostille stamped in Cyprus to take it back to the country of origin.

Anyone getting married in Cyprus requires apostille stamps on all of their legal documents excluding passports (2 copies paid for by you). This INCLUDES British citizens returning to the UK due to Brexit. We recommend 2 extra copies of your marriage certificate including apostille stamps obtained in Cyprus (paid for by you) as some countries keep a paper copy for their records.

Is my venue able to cater for dietary requirements of my guests

All of the venues that we offer will do everything they can to provide for the dietary requirements of you and your guests where necessary. The options available depend on venue

Are we able to have an open bar at our wedding reception

This depends on what the venue offers, some offer open bars and some offer drinks packages. Please see relevant brochure for specific details as per venue

Am I able to have my nails done when I am in resort so I am able to swim in the pool before my wedding day

It is our job to make sure we offer all of your hair and beauty needs whilst you are in Cyprus with us, just let us know what you would like booked and a date and we will arrange this for you

Are we allowed to have olive leaves as our wedding theme

Don’t worry about what you read, you are allowed to have olive leaves at your wedding in Cyprus subject to availability

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