Getting married abroad may take a little more pre-planning than a wedding at home but it can drastically increase the chances of good weather, provide a greater sense of fun, be able to provide a unique venue and freedom and save you lots of money.

  1. Make sure you get a wedding planner that you have checked out with either UKAWP or the country’s Wedding Planner Association. 
  2. Make sure that your wedding is legal and if you have to register it here in the UK 
  3. Make sure if you require a translator or is it performed in English. 
  4. Make sure that the company organizing it is a legitimate company, registered and paying local taxes (you can check these out on line) 
  5. Make sure that you can have your wedding your way, not how your planner wants it! 
  6. Make sure that you check how many working days that you MUST be in the country before getting married. 
  7. If you can, try to go on an inspection visit prior to booking your wedding, most large companies offer this facility. 
  8. Check out the seasons for bad weather, hurricanes, monsoon, very dry season etc. 
  9. Prepare yourselves a budget plan, write down your honeymoons costs, legal costs, ceremony costs, reception costs so that you understand clearly what your budgets are. 
  10. Try to help your guests find accommodation or list ideas on the invitation so that they can book effortlessly. 

The video was taken at our Lemba Flower Valley (Vris) venue, click here to view all this venue has to offer or here to take a look at all our amazing venues!