How important is hiring a specialist wedding co-ordinator or agency to help with the planning? How does this compare to a non-destination wedding?

Hiring a wedding planner/specialist in this field is number one on your list as things can and will go wrong! It is so advantageous to have one as they know where to get items that you need, they should if a professional one will have a plan B and plan C in place should something not get delivered! 

How do you go about finding a reliable, supportive wedding planner or agency? What tips do you have for communicating successfully? Would a couple have one go-to contact throughout, or would they have to deal with several people in the course of their planning? 

How to find a professional wedding planner? Well start off with the website who have a list of professional wedding planners who do not take a commission charge as this can soon add on your bill. Ask them what qualifications they have? How many years experience they have? Ask for some reviews?

It is very important that at some time you do meet with your wedding planner as this will make you feel comfortable with them. All destination wedding planners will be at wedding shows in UK or Scotland at sometime throughout the year. Weddings In Paphos have a large team of wedding planners, all of which can be dealing with emails until the year of your wedding, then you are allocated the one for your big day, after that it is the same person all the way through, as in the winter the busy ones need to have their rest so the others will answer. However, as I am a “control freak” I do read all emails and check them too.
Sharron Masoura– Wedding Manager