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Photography & Videography

Professional Photography

Pure style wedding photographers. Our wedding photographers, believe the best way to photograph your Wedding is in an unobtrusive manner. It is their job to capture moments, not orchestrate them. This will allow you to enjoy your day and spend time with your guests, rather than with the photographer.

They believe the key to a good image is emotion and humour, they love looking for and capturing real emotions as they happen throughout the day. Capturing the day as it really was, and really felt, to them, is key.

They don’t like setting up fake emotion, they would like you to see your photos after the day is over and remember fondly the moments that actually happened, rather than remembering how the photographer set them up.

Professional Videography

You may be thinking to yourself, “why have a wedding video when I already have a photographer?” Well a wedding video will capture the essence of your day in a totally different way. Time flies when you’re having fun and your wedding day is definitely no exception, so having a wedding videographer will ensure that all of the fun, excitement, emotion and special moments are captured for you to cherish eternally. The most important people in your lives will be there to celebrate the beginning of a new family and a new chapter in life. Many important moments may go unnoticed, when you say your vows or your friends sharing tears of joy. Those are priceless moments that you want to remember and cherish forever, which is why your wedding film is just as important as your photographs! It completes the story of your wedding day and offers you different perspectives, making sure that nothing will go unnoticed and your special day remains with you forever.

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